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Training Consultancy

Let us help you to develop a trainig strategy that will deliver the results you need to fulfil your corporate objectives.

By carrying out a Training Needs Analysis we can produce a training plan that will clearly lay out what training is required for your employees and make suggestions for suitable courses that can be aligned to your needs that are engaging and that will have the impact you require.

Working with you, your managers and employees to we can:

  1. Define your training objectives and identify the skills gaps
  2. Carry out a 2 step Training Needs Analysis Process: Pre-meeting questionnaire and 1:1 meeting to discuss competencies and training needs in line with job description and organisational objectives
  3. Provide a cohesive learning plan that will give you a detailed list of training solutions.

Let us help you to take the headache out of staff issues....

Our Partner for all HR issues is Centric HR.  Sandra and her team can help to take your business to the next level.  They offer consultancy, support, digital software and much more.  Working together we can develop your strategy and design and deliver the training.


If you have an issue that you need to resolve we can help you by looking at the causes and suggesting any training solutions that would overcome the issue.

For example:

If staff are not performing to their potential -  perhaps they do not have the necessary skills.

Do they have:

  • the necessary communication, team working and negotiation skills to deal appropriately with other staff?
  • the skills to delivery quality customer service and build effective customer relationships?
  • Are their time management, planning and organising, problem solving, decision making skills good enough to drive through goals in the face of obstacles?
  • Have the the confidence and assertiveness skills to carry out their role effectively?
Many people wrongly assume that some of these are innate skills – they are not. 
All of the above involve techniques that everyone can benefit from Managers to team leaders and supervisors to support staff.

For more examples please ask me for a copy of our free Guide to solving Workplace issues.

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 We will work with you and your workforce to find the correct training solutions that will help you to
meet your organisational objectives

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