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Training for Managers, Supervisors, and anyone who leads a Team

Your employees are accountable to their mangers and their managers need to have the skills to ensure that their performance is as good as it can be.  This page will guide you through the essential skills a manager needs to manage their team.  Here is a selection of topics that can help overcome issues, improve performance and build positive relationships to capitalise on the skills of the workforce.  This is just a small selection of popular topics and I am happy to discuss your requirements in detail - please get in touch!   If you prefer to have a more confidential and personal approach why not consider 1:1? Looking for training for your teams? Visit Training for All

Personal Development

For Managers and Staff

Moving Forward
with ease

Understanding their own strengths and identifying their areas for improvement is paramount to moving forward.  Commercial Awareness, Budgets, Business Planning, Leaderships Skills, Managing Meetings and Resources all require some consideration

Business Planning

For funding applications, guidance on the journey towards your goal or for new start ups - busness plans are a necessity and may not take as long as you think to compile.


As an experienced Freelance Marketing Consultant this really is an area of expertise in which I excel - I can take you through the stages of Marketing, planning, research and communications as well as being able to help with the practical issues too

Appraising Performance

Appraisals are a great way of motivation staff to inprove performance and productivity and offer scope to develop and promote a well trained and highly motivated team that will enable the organisation to meet it's goals

Employee Engagement

Taking the correct approach will result in the right conditions for all members of the organisation to show that they are committed to the organisation and motivated to contribute to its success.

Managing Performance

To reward and improve

The approach is simple

Ensure the employee has the tools to do their job - knowledge, training, experience and encourage them to do produce their best work.  If this fails, the steps that can be taken are positive - they can improve their performance in that area.  A manager needs the skills and training to help them to deal with team performance for the overall good of the organisation

Vision and Strategy

It helps to know where you are going and how you are going to get there - whether it is a personal or company wide vision you are seeking I can help you to define your vision and make it work

Managing Change

All too often changes are made and can result in low morale and motivation if they are not managed well.  Learn how to effectively manage a change and ensure that no gaps arise from 'before' after.  Identify human and financial factors and plan to overcome resistance to change positively

Business Planning

A common tool for managers to help them to focus on the company's objectibes, this session enables you to prepare a draft business plan including marketing , production/service planning and includes financial aspects such as cash flow and break even

Communicating with Your Team

A selection of skills that enables you as a manager to communicate with your team on a level and in a way that they will understand and respond to

7 Functions of a

First Line Manager

Roles and Responsibilities

From Setting

Objectives to planning and  communicating

Here we cover the role and responsibilities of a Manager, delving into the differences between leadership and management and looking at Management Styles as well as discovering all the necessary skills that a manager needs to run an effective team

Project Management

Managing a project can be overwhelming without the training to help.  Using the planning cycle and planning tools, communication and prioritisation techniques with a view to ensuring high productivity and a smoothly run project

Selection Interviewing

The selection interviewing process is straightforward and can be rewarding when the right candidate is recruited.  This session focusses on the skills and knowledge required to carry out the selection interviewing process correctly and effectively

Coaching and Mentoring

Improve the work of your team and challenge them to take on responsibility.  Guide and support them and build confidence to bring out their potential by defining and helping them to achieve performance goals

Leadership Skills

Understand the difference between leadership and management and learn how skills that will help you to inspire, motivate and build an effective team

Manager's Toolkit

For Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors

It's a basic toolkit for everyone who leads a team

With the support of this toolkit any new (or existing untrained) manager will feel equipped to deal with situations that arise in everyday working life.
Topics such as Roles and Responsibilities, Management Style, Self Management, Leadership, Communication, Giving Feedback and Instructions to ensure that the team are working effectively etc. 
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Once the new skills have been put into place it is a matter of confidence and practise.  Perhaps some 1:1 coaching or training would help to enhance the knowledge base and provide even better results


It is common knowledge that recruiting is an expensive business, and often staff are not experienced or trained to carry out the recruitment process.  By reviewing current core staffing levels and defining requirements then translating these into person specifications and job descriptions the selection interviewing process becomes simplified


This session will ensure that you can identify suitable candidates for delegation and apply and control delegation to spread the workload and improve motivation through increased responsibility

Managing Meetings

Why waste time with ineffective meetings?  Learn how to run a successful and engaging meeting and see the results in the actions and motivation of the staff involved.  Internal or external, meetings are a valuable communication method that your organisation needs.

To see training appropriate for all members of staff please click here and visit Training For All

The approach is simple: to create an inclusive learning atmosphere where everyone is catered for and able to learn at a pace and in a style that suits them.

We provide comprehensive course notes in easy-to-read formats, with diagrams, pictures and graphics to maximise visual impact and support the theory of the topic concerned.

Our course notes contain up-to-date materials and the content is always relevant to the level and course.

We also use a selection of mediums and visual aids for delivering course information to promote learner attention and provide variety for the delegates.

The best training in the world does not guarantee improved performance. Just because someone has learnt something new on a training course does not necessarily mean they will make the required changes in behaviour in the workplace. Therefore, ensuring the transfer of skills learnt on the course to the actual job is the key to providing a positive impact on job performance, and a priority for all courses.

More Training Topics - for details call 07985 724842

Writing Reports, Summaries and Instructions
Investment Appraisal
Managing and Controlling Resources
Interpersonal Skills
Self Development
Effective 1:1's
Taking a Counselling Approach to improving productivity
Promoting Change
Carrying out a Training Needs Analysis
Human Resource Planning
Logistics and Resourcing
Team Roles
Grievance Procedures
Disciplinary Procedures
Undertaking Personal Development Reviews
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Organisational Culture
Continuous Improvement

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