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A selection of Soft SkillsTraining that can be tailored to your organisation

Time Management
Learn how to deal with time wasters, be more proactive and productive in your working day and benefit from more time to do the important tasks.  Understand your time value and prioritise for maximum results.
Team Building
Essential skills to help your managers, supervisors and team leaders get the best from their teams.  This fun one day course can be held in house or externally and is a valuable motivation tool
Presentation Skills
Secure a new contract, present an idea or just run your monthly meetings with more confidence, leaning how to present effectively will improve your chances of success

Effective Communication

Effective Communication skills are the life blood of any organisation.  Don't fall into the trap of poor communication which can lead to low morale, missed opportunities and poor customer retention.  Ensure all of your staff are up to speed with their communication skills - book a 1 day communications course

Self Motivation Techniques
When your staff are finding it hard to motivate themselves, help them to find that key motivator and get them back on track
Managing Stress
Identify your stressors, learn strategies for dealing with these that will leave you with a more balanced life style.  We show you how to help with lifting that weight
Working Smarter
Not only are your productivity levels dipping and increasing throughout the day but your energy levels are too.  Learn how to work smarter and utilise some simple rules to keep you productive and energetic
Giving Quality Customer Service
We all love it when we receive good quality customer service. Give your staff the skills and knowledge they need to deal with your client base efficiently and politely - giving great customer service and making them feel valued.
Project Management
Running a project to deadlines and within budget constraints can be a constant battle - learn some simple techniques and use tools to ensure that your project comes in on time and within budget, without the stress
Assertiveness and Confidence Techniques
Build you skills and the confidence will follow - I can show you how in this one day course which explains in detail how to improve your confidence

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  • Team Building
    Team Building
  • Presentation Skills
    Presentation Skills
  • Project Management
    Project Management
  • Time Management
    Time Management
  • Customer Service
    Customer Service
  • Effective Communication
    Effective Communication
  • Self Motivation
    Self Motivation
  • Assertiveness and Confidence
    Assertiveness and Confidence
  • Working Smarter
    Working Smarter
Team Building
Team Building
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