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Succession Workforce Planning

You know where you want your business to be in 1,3,5 and even 10 years time and you no doubt have a plan to help you to reach your goals, but will you have the staff that can take on the roles and make your dreams a reality?

Successful workforce planning will ensure that you have the teams with the skills, knowledge and drive to take your business forward.

Identifying and developing new leaders to step into the shoes of those who may be retiring is a sensible option - no-one wants to lose their competitive edge.

We can't foresee the effects poor health may have on our workforce but we need to be in control if this happens.

I can help you to identify the talent within your workforce and make sure that their training will give you the managers of the future that will be able to achieve the goals you have set.  By unlocking their potential and giving them the transferable skills they will be primed ready to step into business-critical roles so that your plans are not affected by any set-backs.

Buy identifying their current skills and those that will be needed in the future we can plan to meet the skills gap and take your workforce to a new level.

This systematic approach to workforce planning will stand you in good stead for the future.  Consider my Manager's Toolkit - a 5 day course, delivered over 10 weeks to up to 10 managers for £4,500

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