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  For Managers and Staff

About Us

We can provide corporate training on a wide range of subjects that will improve skills, knowledge and make the day to day tasks of working life easier for your staff and managers. 

For example if you lead a team and have issues with workload, productivity, absenteeism, motivation etc we can provide training that will help your staff to manage these issues effectively.

Call me to discuss your needs and we can decide on a plan that matches your overall company objectives and reaches the staff in an approachable and practical way.

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Supporting HR Professionals to Maximise Staff Productivity Through Tailored Training

If you know what you need then great - we can discuss the details.  If you have some ideas but would like my input I can help.  I have the ability to identify training requirements based on your needs and issues.  I can carry out a Training Needs Analysis for you of your staff to plan a training programme that will benefit you and ensure that your staff are equipped with the skills to carry out their role.

What are you looking for?

Do you wish to grow?  Expand your market share or become a market leader? 
Do you wish to minimise spiralling costs and keep more control over finances? 
Are you dealing with high levels of staff turnover and/or absenteeism? 
Do you struggle to recruit the right people?
Are internal politics and conflict holding back your potential? 
Are managers too busy coping with their own workload to provide the guidance and inspiration needed by their teams?
Are you finding it difficult to retain existing or gain new customers?
Is it an uphill battle to implement new ideas or changes?
Is too much time spent fighting fires and missing deadlines?

If your aim is to equip managers and team leaders with the skills required to ensure that your organisation is the best it can be I can help.