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Tailored Training for Maximum Impact
Does your Training Programme offer a return on investment? 
For every £1 you spend on training your managers and teams you will benefit from:
Increased morale and motivation leading to increased performance and greater customer loyalty
Spend a little on training, save a lot on dealing with issues that need never have arisen such as grievance and disciplinaries, repeated recruitment and selection processes, HR interventions, 1:1 coaching and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Training for Managers

In house training for all managers, supervisors and anyone who leads a team.  Here is a selection of topics that can help overcome issues, motivate, instill self confidence and improve performance. Here is where you can capitalise on the skills of your workforce to maximise efficiency.

 Training for All

In House Soft Skills Training for all staff, including managers, team members and assistants.  Topics that benefit everyone such as team building, communications, embracing change, managing stress, presentation skills, problem solving and managing time...

Consultancy Services

Let me help you to develop a training strategy that will deliver the results you need to fulfil your corporate objectives.

Training Needs Analysis and Training Diagnostics are just two of the additional services that I offer.

Compliancy Training Monday 16th October 2017 1 day, 3 certificates

Join me for a Compliancy Training Day
This joint venture with Centric HR and Unique Fire Protection offers you three certificates in one day.
Three x 2 hour training sessions:

Employment Law Compliance, Fire Safety Awareness and Giving Quality Customer Service

To book your place please call 01922 862 207 or email:

You can pay by Bacs or Credit Card!

A great networking opportunity - 30 places available

Giving Quality Customer Service

Giving Quality Customer Service

Identify and review customer requirements, focus onattitudes and behaviours. 

Build skills and relationshipsfor an effective customer service approach


Employment Law

Employment Law Compliance

A practical guide to the law with tips and tools to assist business owners and mitigate against tribunals.  Sickness, capability, discipline,  grievance, equal opps/discrimination.

Provides an understanding of unfair and constructive dismissal,redundancy and settlements.


Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Safety Awareness

Fire extinguisher types, means of escape, types of fire,how fire starts.

Fire prevention with

Unique Fire Protection (UK) Ltd


Manager's Toolkit - 5 days of training over 10 weeks

Manager's Toolkit - 5 Days training over 10 Weeks

We have cherrypicked the most appropriate topics to help any manager become more confident and effective in their role.  Our ‘Managers Toolkit’ – 5 days training over 10 weeks for £450pp (based on 10 delegates), covers a range of topics including individual personal development and development of the team.  This course can be adapted to suit your needs and your objectives.  Day 1 starts with the roles and responsibilities of a Manager and Leadership Styles followed by an in-depth skills analysis and Action Plan.  Day 2 features communication skills and teachers how to communicate with the team to ensure the best productivity and motivation.  Day 3 suggested topic is Delegation and managing team performance.  Day 4 suggested topic is In-Depth Motivation Day and day 5 can be chosen from the list or suggested by yourselves:  coaching a team member, managing meetings, problem solving, presentations etc. 

Manager's Toolkit
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Succession Workforce Planning

You know where you want your business to be in 1,3,5 and even 10 years time and you no doubt have a plan to help you to reach your goals, but will you have the staff that can take on the roles and make your dreams a reality?

Successful workforce planning will ensure that you have the teams with the skills, knowledge and drive to take your business forward.

Identifying and developing new leaders to step into the shoes of those who may be retiring is a sensible option - no-one wants to lose their competitive edge.

I can help you to identify the talent within your workforce and make sure that their training will give you the manager of the future that will be able to achieve the goals you have set.

Buy identifying current skills and those that will be needed in the future we can plan to take your workforce to a new level.

For more details please call Marie on 07985 724842 or 



French Language Training

If you trade or would like to trade with a French-speaking country why not consider improving your workforce's ability to speak French?  Even a basic knowledge of greetings, simple conversation and some general business terms can put you ahead of your competitors.

Contact me to find out how I can structure a tailored programme for your employees or find out more here

Marie Stephenson

Cert Ed

Leadership and
Management Specialist

High Impact and Business Focused Training for Managers and Teams.

 Build Performance, Improve Personal Effectiveness and get the Competitive Edge.

Marie Stephenson

Experienced Trainer and Qualified Teacher

I design and deliver tailored in-house training
for Managers and teams

As an experienced trainer and business consultant I can help you to identify training that will meet your needs and help staff to deal with issues that arise.

I have over 25 years experience working in industry combined with my teaching qualification that will prove invaluable to you and your staff, especially when identifying training needs

I am happy to discuss any requirements you may have - please call 07985 724842 or email: